The concept of creating WXY Collab is unique. As a modern business, we practise inviting partners to work together, instead of hiring. In brief, relevant partners from small to large agencies gather for every project. We constantly seek opportunities in design, branding, digital marketing and event organising. By collaborating our concepts and creativity with your brand we create value for your business. Redefine beautifully unique ideas and reinvent for the future is what we strive for.


CONSPIRATOR (con•spi•ra•tor) \kənˈspirədər/ – a person who takes part in a conspiracy. In any event, what favour us most is the opportunity to be part of your branding conspiracy.


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Atlas Sdn. Bhd. • Athome Sdn. Bhd. • AHT Norlan & Carriage Sdn. Bhd. • Auto Global Sdn. Bhd. • Avara Seputeh • Blackmores Malaysia • BI1M • Bose Malaysia • Cabineto Sdn. Bhd. • Dell Malaysia • Happy Plugs • NEXTSGO • New Edge Sdn. Bhd. • Oatgrain 35 • KK Group Sdn. Bhd. • Planet Popcorn Malaysia / Taiwan / Singapore / Indonesia • RT Pastry House • Rexcor Sdn. Bhd. • Skin Club Malaysia • Starbucks Malaysia • Tai Lei Loi Kei Malaysia • Vaper’s Union

“Our Business Mainly Comes from Referrals and Kind Words of Mouth.”


Better to not hold back if you are very much interested or curious about what we are capable of doing. Drop us a message. We welcome inquiries.